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We believe in the impact of education on communities. 

As such, it is our honor to give back to Cheyenne in the form of a non-traditional scholarship program that we like to call Giving the Dream.


Each quarter we give $500 to one deserving "Student of Life" seeking to better themselves through education-regardless of age. This scholarship is for college classes, trade school, extracurricular conferences, and more.


Giving the Dream is a nomination based scholarship and we ask that you do not nominate yourself. Ideal nominees demonstrate the following qualities: 

DRIVE- Toward self-improvement and making the world a better place. 


DESIRE- A specific goal; whether that be a high school contest or competition, college courses, or trade school. (We are open to most anything self-improvement related)

DETERMINATION- To do what it takes to make their dreams come true, even when it is hard. 

If someone comes to mind, please submit a nomination form below.




Questions? Call Christina at 307-256-2349 or email us at cheyennedreamteam@gmail.com